We build mission critical apps.

Long-term relationship

We believe in long-term, honest and fair commitment. Some of the systems we built have been in use for over 15 years. We're happy when our users are happy.

Open source

We believe open source is good, both for us and our customers. We use it exclusively and also promote and support its use, especially in government systems.


We work with Linux (CentOS, Mint), Ansible, Java (Maven, Spring, Hibernate), PHP (CodeIgniter), Angular, PostgreSQL, Git and a number of supporting open source technologies.

Our team of solvers.

Our elegant solutions.

Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance (HZMO)

B2G service "Lana"

Over 34,000 registered users, representing over 100,000 legal entities, annually submit 1,1 million digitally signed documents. Features SmartCard authentication and qualified digital signature use. Developed under GNU GPL license. Won a "Certificate of Merit" at International Social Security Association Regional Social Security Forum for Europe.

Central Registry of Affiliates (REGOS)

B2G & C2G service "Ena"

Delivers, upon request, digitally signed PDF documents to more than 75,000 users. Features SmartCard and SAML authentication and qualified digital signature use. First major eGovernment system in Croatia developed using open-source software. Nominated for the 2015 United Nations Public Service Award by Croatian Banking Association.

Institute for Persons with Disabilities (ZOSI)

Medical evaluation support app "Mia"

The system supports medical evaluation process. Used by over 250 medical experts and support staff from one central and 17 regional offices. Features extensive access control mechanisms. We maintain a custom PKI for browser-based digital certificate authentication.

Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO)

Electronic document service "Dora"

Internal REST service, generates circa 500,000 digitally signed PDF documents per year. Depending on the document type, document data is either batch imported or fetched from external service using Java SOAP client.

Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HOK)

CRM system "Aida"

Chamber members' data is imported daily from an official national registry. Data access is limited according to user's administrative location. There are 135 distinct, hierarchically organized locations. The system provides online mail-merge, bulk e-mail and SMS communications.

Center for Education, Counseling and Research (CESI)

Domestic violence helpline app "Nada"

We believe a company should be more than just a group of people organized to make a profit. We believe our specific knowledge, skills and infrastructure can improve the world around us. We worked on a number of community projects and this is one of them.

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia

Asset declaration application "IK"

Justice Department officials (judges and public attorneys) declare their assets through a predefined parameterized form. Administrators review and verify the submitted data. Features PDF qualified electronic signature verification, metadata parsing and automatic verification of submitted data against official government registers.

Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ)

C2G service "Hana"

Delivers, upon request, digitally signed PDF documents in the form of certificates from the national register of people with disabilities. Features SAML authentication as part of the e-Citizens service and use of Qualified electronic seal.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Earth station management software components

Development of software components for earth station management as part of the FERSAT project - the launch of the first Croatian nanosatellite with a selection of scientific payloads (light pollution, soil and sea temperature, vegetation cover in Croatia and weather changes in the Earth's magnetic field, the electron density in the ionosphere).

Brito Solutions AB Sweden

Brito feedback platform

Platform for centralization, automation and analysis of feedback. Capture feedback via online forms or via voice, Analyse using Trendlines and Goals and turn it into insight. Useful for capturing feedback from employees, customers, partners...

Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ)

National Register of Persons with Disabilities - "Rina"

Register contains relevant information about people with disabilities. It enables advanced BI analysis, which is the basis for creating preventive public health policies. Also, through the implemented secure API interface, access to different data segments is provided to all other institutions.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia

NCPeH Portal

Development of a portal for the national contact point for e-Health. The portal is used by doctors and pharmacists in the process of exchanging prescriptions and health data about patients between EU countries in accordance with the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure.

State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia

Integration with Government services

Integration of the European Union Intellectual Property Office software solution for filing trademark and industrial property applications with Croatian public services for authentication (NIAS), digital signature, e-payment, e-authorization and official communications with citizens and business entities. All integrations are realized through our own Azra GovHr stack designed for efficient communication with government services.

French alliance - Croatia

Administrative processes of educational institutions support app

A system for supporting enrollment processes and monitoring administrative student activities within educational institutions. It also ensures all functionalities of administering the entire process of realization of educational program units.

Agency for commercial activity - AKD

Consulting services for the MOSI project

Consulting services for the project "Enhancement of the System for the Use of Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Mobility Sector" (MOSI). Mapping functional impairments alongside each legal criterion and entitlement in accordance with the legislative framework - aligning with the Registry of Persons with Disabilities as the fundamental data source.

And more...

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